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Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex

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Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex

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Infrastructure Clarifier Installation, November 2021

A new clarifier will be installed at the Upper Blackfoot Mining Complex. A clarifier building will house the new clarifier/sludge thickener tank, which will increase the influent water residence time and metals precipitation, and will facilitate sludge handling and pressing.  The clarifier will be erected on the foundation over the coming months as weather permits.  Next spring, the new metal building will be erected on the foundation to enclose the clarifier.

Other major upgrades include installing a new multimedia filtration system, new cartridge filters, new pumps/plumbing, and a new polymer feed system, all of which are scheduled for 2022. Full plant upgrades are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.  The upgrades will increase water treatment plant capacity from about 130 to 180+ gallons per minute and will reduce system operation and maintenance requirements and costs.