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Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc.

Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc. (Greenfield) is renowned worldwide for its third-party independent trusts and hazardous waste site redevelopment expertise. Uniquely trusted by industry, government, and communities, Greenfield has played critical roles in the revitalization and reclamation of contaminated waste sites in Illinois, Indiana, Arkansas, Georgia, Connecticut, Michigan, West Virginia, and Massachusetts. Greenfield’s excellent record of 30 years of hazardous waste site management has been recognized in Italy, Australia, and Portugal. The company has been honored in the United States with prestigious national Phoenix Awards in 2000 and 2005 to recognize its innovative solutions that transformed federal Superfund Sites into redevelopment successes in Woburn, MA, and Plainview, AK. These sites are now considered significant community assets.

Following a competitive national bidding process, Greenfield was selected by the United States and the State of Montana to serve as Trustee for the Montana Environmental Custodial Trust (the Custodial Trust). The Montana Environmental Trust Group, LLC (METG) is a wholly-owned East Helena, Montana-based subsidiary of Greenfield that has been appointed as the Federal District Court Trustee of the Custodial Trust. With executive headquarters in Cambridge, MA, and corporate headquarters in Utah, Greenfield has opened an office in East Helena, MT, to administer activities of the Custodial Trust.