PPLT officially acquires land for 8-mile trail system connecting East Helena to Montana City

by John Riley, excerpt from KXLH, December 31, 2020

HELENA — After 10 years of work, the East Helena Greenway Project is now a reality as 322 acres of former ASARCO land is now in the hands of Prickly Pear Land Trust (PPLT) for the creation of a trail system between East Helena and Montana City.

On December 30 the Montana Environmental Trust Group, LLC (METG) conveyed title to 242 acres along the reconstructed Prickly Pear Creek corridor south of Highway 12 and approximately 80 acres along Prickly Pear Creek near Kennedy Park in East Helena to PPLT.

PPLT says the project was possible thanks to state and local partnerships working to make the vision a reality.

“Ten years ago, the City of East Helena asked Prickly Pear Land Trust to help envision trails and public access on this land. It’s incredible to celebrate this project coming to life. This community – with new schools, businesses, and now the Greenway Trail – is poised for a strong future,” said PPLT Executive Director Mary Hollow. “A project of this magnitude only happens with incredible partnership, I commend those who have made this possible. 328 acres of brand new outdoor access, and we know that when kids achieve a greater connection to the outdoors, they experience happier and healthier lives. What an incredibly smart move for this forward-thinking community.”

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